How do I create a website?

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It's really not that hard to create a website depending on the methods you use. Many people think that you need to have advanced computer programming knowledge to create a website, but that really isn't true.

First, you have to begin thinking about what kind of website you want to create. Do you just want a personal blog? Do you want a page on a digital marketplace? If so, you might not need to create a brand new website from the ground up. There are thousands of websites out there that give free pages for different things. You might find Etsy is perfect for you to sell your wares, or you might enjoy the simplicity of creating a tumblr blog.

But, if you want total freedom to do ANYTHING you want, you'll need a webhost and a domain name.

Domain names, or "URL", are the words that people type in to get to your website. For example, Google's domain name is Facebook's is You'll need to decide what you want your website to be named. You can register basically anything that isn't already taken, and it usually only costs $9.99 for a year of registration for most names. Some "designer" domains, like .sucks or .finance can cost over several hundred dollars a year, but you likely won't need a domain like that. Simply google "domain registrar" and you'll find a ton.

Once you have a domain name, you need a webhost.

A webhost is where your website will be physically located before it's beamed across the internet. There are TONS of webhosts available, all for various prices, and all in various countries (most will be in the US or Europe, however). Some are even free, if you don't mind having ads all over your pages! If you want total freedom however, you will need a paid host, which can start as low as $1.95.

For a beginner website, or a website you just intend for personal use, the cheapest options will suit you well. Almost every webhost allows you to expand to a larger hosting package later, so it's fine to start small and only pay more for larger hosting packages when your website grows to that size.

Once you've located a webhost, you'll need to decide what kind of website you want, and use the appropriate software. For example, if you want a blog, you might want to use Wordpress or Ghost. If you want to make a wiki, you have Mediawiki and PmWiki (and many others). If you want somewhere that someone can post messages on a forum, there's Simple Machines or phpBB. If you decide you want multiple softwares, that's also possible! You don't have to settle for one, though it does get fairly advanced to set up multiple different areas.

The final step is installing what you want. Almost every webhost offers "one-click installs" which allow you to set up and install whatever software you want without any technical knowledge. You should consult with your webhost's technical database or FAQ to see how to use their individual software packages. Some hosts also offer "managed" webhosting if you want to be completely hands-off - for an extra fee, they'll install everything for you, so you can get right to selling, blogging, or posting.

Hopefully, this guide has been useful to you. Check out our other articles for more in-depth help on this and other subjects.

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