How can I contribute to Reddit by following the Reddiquette guidelines and rules?

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Reddit is a social media website that allows people to follow and interact with the content they like. Everybody should follow the Reddiquette guidelines and rules. What is Reddiquette? These are guidelines that describe how users should interact with content on Reddit.

One of the first things I do when visiting a new subreddit is read the sidebar. This usually contains the rules of the subreddit and how they expect users to behave. Some subreddits also have pinned posts going over rules and other important information. For example, most subreddits have rules that forbid doxing. Doxing is posting the personal information of another person. There are many rules and details a subreddit may expect users to know. This is why it is important to read these rules and guidelines. I get a feel of a subreddit and decide if I want to contribute to it. If I do not like how things are looking I usually just move on.

I have found it is better to not participate in a community I do not like. One of the best things about Reddit is that you get to decide what content to interact with. The front page only shows subreddits you subscribe to. There are also other ways to filter content on Reddit as well. What does any of this have to do with Reddiquette? Better communities are moderated in a way that eliminates trolls and other annoyances. It is a lot easier to follow Reddiquette when I feel comfortable with the subreddit I am interacting with.

One of the more obvious netiquette practice is to avoid being a jerk. Insulting other users almost never will lead anywhere good and depending on the subreddit these actions may get you banned. This is also called flaming. One should avoid doing this at all or at the very least minimize these actions. When it comes to disagreements and arguments online there are better ways to present yourself than flaming and using foul language.

Also, lastly all of Reddit has rules against self-promotion and spam. If you have content you would like to share make sure the subreddit you would want to post to allows it. See what their rules are about this are. Communities frown about unwanted posting and doing this may get you moderated. Reddit guidelines state that about 90% of content should not be self-promotion. Failure to follow these rules may end up in your account being shadowbanned. This is a state in which you are banned but might not even notice. You will happily go about posting content but nobody will ever see it. It is important to know what the submission guidelines of a subreddit are before you start to post content.

As long you follow subreddit rules, avoid being a jerk, and avoid posting things that are not allowed following the Reddiquette guidelines and rules will be easy. After all the goal is to contribute good content and comment on things you like. Reddiquette describes how you should do this in a positive way.

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